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News on Chinese media, provided by http://www.weise-verlagsberatung.de/ – Beratung für Verlage

Each weekday headlines of news concerning Chinese print media and online media in China on the websites of General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP, 新闻出版总署), the China Press and Publication Web (中国新闻出版网), China Publishing Today (出版商务周报) and others are translated into English and published on this blog with a link to the original Chinese-language source and often a brief summary. Although translated with care, these nonetheless are quick, sometimes rough translations, none of them official – therefore, use them at your own risk! Further  headlines or news (sometimes in English) from Chinese websites are also posted to complement the picture.

The translated headlines are supposed to provide better, brief insights into the development of Chinese print media, online media, mobile media and social media. They include important announcements but more often shine a light on the many niche topics. Majors issues (like Google leaving China) are generally not covered since this is done in greater detail by others already.

The choice of headlines, their contents etc. serve no other purpose than to inform – this was initially a project just for myself.  Sometimes I add an explanation or a brief comment.

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